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Give Healing Music to Life – YANA

In today’s fast moving world people are facing stress due to depression, anger, anxiety, loneliness and when all of these reach their peak, some human beings tend to go for suicide. Suicide prolonged to be a key civic healthiness issue. It would not be wrong if we say suicide is becoming an epidemic in the world and it needs higher attention from society. Although death by suicide is a relatively uncommon event (occurring at a rate of about 1 per 10,000 populations per year), the human and economic costs are substantial.

According to Australian Bureau of Statistics website – Suicide can be defined as the deliberate taking of one’s life. To be classified as a suicide, a death must be recognized as being due to other than natural causes. It must also be established by coronial enquiry that the death resulted from a deliberate act of the deceased with the intention of ending his or her own life.

We would like to try how suicide can be prevented and make people stress and anxiety free with Music and proper counseling. This is what Band of Mercane’s, a Sydney based Musical Band team comprising Mick Paish, Tiny, Kayla Kettly, Mick Egan, Chris mouse middle miss feel.

The song Written and performed by the band can be viewed on YouTube, by typing mbtb No Life for the Living into the search bar and clicking on the song. Michael says if these songs could share around the world to raise awareness of the tragedy and grief that remains with the loved ones that have to live with that grief until they die.

When interviewed, Michael told this Author, Music can be good instrument to tackle Suicide, this is like healing medicine. The main problem of our generation is that we avoid discussing issues that are uncomfortable to talk about. In the form of music it is hoped that the message will get through to them. Michael is also working to try to unite all the mental health organizations and hope they will adopt the concept of: “You are not Alone”-YANA.

This is just one sad tale in a multitude of others:

The young 14 year old niece who had been bullied at school, of a close friend recently took her own life. An overdose of drugs and then hung herself in the family home. Her father found her and tried to revive her until the ambulance arrived. She had a picture of her mother clasped in her right hand and had left a suicide note. That will be the haunting memory that they will have every mother’s day, as she took her life 2 days before Mother’s Day. Family friends were not aware of the problem as they were a very affluent family, she attended a private school and from the outside her life looked perfect.

Michael Egan told the author of this article that this is just one of the cases that have occurred, but he is aware of a multitude of others throughout his lifetime.  Had we recognized the signs and been able to educate them about the harm of drug and alcohol abuse, especially “if they already have mental issues”, we may well have been able to prevent them from going down that road.

The Organization YANA believe a safe room needs to be available in every school where children being bullied or feeling depressed can go before school, called You Are Not Alone and meet a friend Room. The Principal of each school should mention that at the morning school assembly and it is as important as daily classes.

YANA is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other, so that they can solve any common problems and help others in their time of need.  Say this Serenity Prayer: YANA Grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change: Courage to change the things I can: & the wisdom to know the difference.

Life is like a wave in the ocean, there will be ups and downs, just ride that wave and believe that there is a power greater than yourself looking after you. It will pass: 99% of the things that we worry about never happen: Trust that what you are feeling will pass and think of something that makes you smile

YANA is not allied with any Sect, Denomination, Politics or Organization. The primary purpose is to help anyone feeling worried, scarred or alone. YANA will not enter into any controversy and neither endorses or opposes any causes. Everyone who enters should be made feel welcome by extending the hand of friendship.

Whenever people already suffering depression then turn to Drugs and / or Alcohol, which are a known to be a depressant and have to be avoided at all costs. The majority of self-harm is caused by the abuse of these mind altering substances.

The sun will rise and fall one day at a time, how that day unfolds depends on you and your trust in a higher power of your own understanding to watch over you.

Unless one has actually experienced suicidal tendencies, or the grief caused by a loved one taking their life, no explanation will ever be able to describe what that feels like. That is why it is so imperative that people contemplating suicide need to be able to converse with others feeling the same way, to understand that they are not alone.

It was observed suicide was the cause of almost 1,000 more deaths than road fatalities in Australia in a calendar year.

Millions of dollars are spent each year in an effort to curb the carnage on our roads, with advertisement campaigns, more speed camera’s and a host of other measures to alert the public of the horror of our road toll.  In contrast very little exposure or funding is given to suicide prevention, which is almost responsible for nearly double the fatalities in one year. Website of the Michael Egan for contact:

The Author Vir Dewan is an International writer, speaker and thinker. He writes regularly in different foreign News Papers and Magazines. E-mail: VIRDEWAN@GMAIL.COM

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