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Global Collaborations in Music

September 2013 will be the reveal of an international music collaboration which is going to excite, enhance and propel the capabilities of talent and music across international borders.

Centred around one hit single ( Dj Unk’s ‘Have a Toast’), the pulling power to bring together six of the top artists from around the globe ( Dj Unk, Dj Sanj, Dirty Mob,Taz- Stereo Nation, Lost Stories and Dj Nihal) was engineered from the  mind of EEG Talent, its’ president Nick Rajsakha with the combined efforts of Robert from Nimbus Universal. The goal was to take one song and bring its’ rise with a global collaboration of artists, with each producing their own, yet universally combined version.  Showcasing the listening potential, the music power, the new flavours of  global cross – cultural rap and vocal beats in this new era of music.

Dj Unk

In today’s changing digital world coupled with the evolving dictation of technology, it is deemed almost necessary from an intelligent business direction, for artists to work uniquely together and collaborate to propel off each other’s platforms, in order to maintain their positions in the music world and dually to target sales.

The universal collaboration between these artists impacts on an individual, yet united basis. Each artist rightfully powerful and standing on their own, in their own demographic and market. Merging together now to create a more lasting impact in the movement of the music industry.

The music industry and its’ artists are constantly evolving to create more waves within its industry. Artists lean towards fresh and forward concepts to bring about longevity and sustainability for the industry, their home market and their fellow peers. “Unk has reinvented himself to appeal to the world and not just conforming to his backyard (U.S.A).  Like each artist in this collaborative concept, they are moving together to create an effective movement towards the growth of the industry on a global front” says Nick R.

‘Have a Toast’ by Dj Unk; an international phenomenon who has rocked the RnB and Hip Hop scene with gold and platinum hit’s such as ‘Walk it Out’ and ‘Step 2’.  Has re-emerged into the scene with a new look and new beat. This year in 2013, with the release of Have a Toast, comes an anticipated concept which will solidify the power of global collaborative potential.

Bringing the Bollywood/ Indian concept into the song, EEG Talent sourced artists which would best bring in a hybrid of the demanding new wave of addictive Bollywood beats. Resulting in approaching four of the most well known and respected artists in the Indian-U.K  and Indian music scene; Taz – Stereo nation, Dj Sanj, Dj Nihal and Lost Stories.

Dirty Mob, based in Autralia, is a part of the International collaboration with Dj
Unk from the U.S.A.

Taz – Stereo Nation  is heralded as a master and pioneer of pop fusion, with multi platinum accolades and a reputation firmly established in the U.K and Indian sub continent.  Dj Sanj is hailed as delivering some of the best in Desi and Asian beats, and is the only producer to have multiple production deals with Bollywood Giant Eros Entertainment and Universal India and a deal with U.K  Punjabi label MovieBox. Dj Nihal is a renowned TV personality, Dj and MC in the Asian music scene in the U.K, breaking multiple artists into the music charts. The boys of the sensational duo Lost Stories brings an addictive electronic dance mix (edm) element to the single. Lost Stories; signed to Universal India is the hottest duo stamping their mark in the dance scene, recently with a #1 dance hit on iTunes.

Tapping into the mainstream collaborations, it was only obvious to take listeners to the other side of the world and bring into the mix, the talents of Dirty Mob, the hottest hidden duo  from Australia.  Their underground skills of rapping and singing, has seen this brother combination silently take the Australian underground music scene by storm. Quietly making an shaking up the rhythms and rap-able sounds, their mix is instant and with movement.  Having supported acts such as 50 cent, G-Unit, DMX, Busta Rhymes, Snoop Lion and The Game, Yelawolf, Ice Cube, Bone Thugs and Harmony  and more.

For the first time ever for EEG Talent in collaboration with Nimbus Universal Records, in late September in New York City, the music industry will witness an exclusive and private ‘1st play, listening showcase’ for the reveal of all international collaborations of Have a Toast. From the U.S, to the UK to the AU and back to the Bollywood dance beats, this is one ‘beat’ ramping up the international music scene.

Kim Trinh

Kim Trinh heads the lifestyle, entertainment and fashion section in The Indian Herald. She also heads her own fashion blog Madam AE which attracts an international audience.  Her other love is, as Creative Director and owner of Mondiale Media, a unique public relations agency based in Australia.  Her expertise is; as a writer ( editorial, strategic and copywriter), profile building and press and media strategies.
“Each month,  I will share my fashion finds and thoughts with Indian Herald’s audience, through my  fashion blog Madam AE. I will also pen editorial style interview articles and stories in  “Candid Conversations with Kim”.  Candid Conversations with Kim, is where I use my passion for writing to re -tell stories of some of the creative industries most established and also start up profiles.
 I believe that everybody has a story to tell, but it depends on how their story is told, which will capture the audience.  I will also keep you up to date and in the loop with the movements of Mondiale Media. – Kim Trinh.”  [  ]  follow @kimtrinh18   e:
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  1. Wanda September 9, 2013 at 9:06 pm

    Kim what is Robert’s last name? I like the collaboration of the two companies. Kudos Robert ? and Nick for reaching out for universal music lovers.
    Would you please share Robert’s last name with your readers.

    Do continue to keep us informed


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