Welcome to Sundeep Koachar’s  Astrology column.  Each month, Sundeep Koachar will give his guidance and readings for your star sign.  Let his predictions guide you, enlighten you and allow you to be on  your way to a plentiful journey to life.

Sundeep Koachar is a renowned celebrity Astrologer, using his unique knowledge of face reading and palmistry.  He has graced his presence in the lives of Captains of Industry to film stars and from cricketers to housewives. With an international following, he has appeared in countless tv shows, such as “Bach ke Rehne” on Zee news, Guiding Star on Ary Digital Dubai, and most recently  ‘Kismat Ke Sitare‘ on Zee tv. Sundeep is the only astrologer ever to be listed in the “Limca book of Records’ for hosting the longest running astrology show ever on television.


Two areas of your life are benefiting from strong helpful energy.  You have a new beginning in your private life that is going to positively affect your residential situation, your relationship with someone you live with, your parents, or your ability to turn your home into your own private oasis.  Your career is bursting forth with equally wonderful energy.  Unfortunately, much of the time you feel pulled between the two.  You cannot turn down either offer for improvement, so it will be a tough juggling act, but well worth it.


You have a great deal of positive energy helping you to communicate and negotiate quite effectively this month.  It ties in quite nicely with your “social”, “playtime”, and “journeys” sectors.  You can use this energy for social, romantic, and business networking.  Your love life, vacation planning, legal negotiations, teamwork, and social activities are all likely to work out better because of it.


This month is all about money.  It affects your private life, your relationships, and your professional choices. You should go after regular dependable salaries or irregular undependable commission checks.  You should tuck away for retirement and how much should you spend on making your home life better. You need to help your folks in their old age or do you need to ask them to help you while you are trying to get back on your feet.  There are no set right or wrong answers, but there are plenty of opportunities to earn more money while you are sorting it all out.


This is a great month for traveling, vacationing, exploring, and living a life of adventure.  Unfortunately, a lover, best friend, business partner, or competitor is stirring up a lot of drama and even your patience is tested.  Either you will end the relationship or you will sit down and have an honest heart-to-heart discussion that helps to smooth things over.  Despite this one relationship going through a rocky patch, your other relationships within your community are upbeat and fun.


There is an on again off again battle between productivity and bureaucracy, logic and intuition, mental health and physical health.  It will create opportunities for you to earn more money, look at the way you approach finances, and to work through trust issues as they arise.  Maybe you figure out how to bust through the red tape and bureaucracies that have been holding you back or you realize that it is you who is sabotaging your own efforts.  There is also a possibility to enjoy some love and romance along the way.


Your career, love life, and social life can all benefit from your group activities, social efforts, networking projects, and Internet activities.  You are a natural leader, a compassionate coworker, an excellent team player, and a great friend.  At times, you may feel pulled away from your hobbies or the people that you love the most because your social obligations keep calling you away.  However, you will find a way to create balance and work things out.


There is a lot of commotion in your private life.  Your housing situation, roommates, parents, home improvement projects, landscaping projects, or retirement planning seems to be taking a lot of time and attention.  You have some great energy happening in your professional life and it can be a hassle trying to juggle both.  By the end of the month, you seem to find peace by either busting through the red tape and bureaucracy or by turning your home into your own personal oasis.


Your social life is about to explode.  It could be fun or it could be committee meetings, but either way, you are going to be involved in group dynamics.  Most of the time it is great and you are able to network like crazy.  Other times, you seem to be traveling or educating yourself about various cultures and beliefs.  The office can handle it if you go on vacation to do some hands on exploring rather than staying home and experiencing all of your “journeys” within the pages of books and on the Discovery channel.


One to one relationships, friends and agreements, functioning as a unit rather than as an individual, romance with commitment, consultations with doctors, lawyers or any experts are highlighted this month. Look at the aspects to see what you will accomplish. Also note where your shortcomings will be found by difficult aspects. This is an important time for working with others and not against them; just make sure you make an equal contribution to whatever you work on, including business and marriage.


You and a lover, best friend, business partner, or competitors are not seeing eye-to-eye this month.  It could be one person you are having trouble with over and over again, or it could be different partners at different times.  Either way, your ability to get along with “partners” is challenged.  However, you have some wonderful communications and negotiations energy that can help the two of you talk’s things over.  Be careful during the argumentative moments, because there is a decent chance that you are going to need a loan or some kind of financial help from this same person around the end of the month.


Work and financial growth seem to be taking up most of your time.  You want to spend more time playing and entertaining loved ones, but money is tight so you will have to find creative new ways to have fun without going broke.  You have quite a few opportunities to push forward with your professional and financial goals and might even start a new job.  At the very end of the month, do not shade the truth with a partner just to avoid hurting their feelings or looking bad, they will find out the truth and then your credibility will be in question.


While the rest of the world is struggling with financial, professional, and romantic issues, you seem to be destined for vacation this month!  You have great social energy, strong stable “partnership” energy, and a big wave of “work” energy coming soon, but for right now, it seems to be your time to laugh, play, make love, sing, dance, and enjoy the great luxuries life has to offer.

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