Welcome to Sundeep Koachar’s  Astrology column.  Each month, Sundeep Koachar will give his guidance and readings for your star sign.  Let his predictions guide you, enlighten you and allow you to be on  your way to a plentiful journey to life.

Sundeep Koachar is a renowned celebrity Astrologer, using his unique knowledge of face reading and palmistry.  He has graced his presence in the lives of Captains of Industry to film stars and from cricketers to housewives. With an international following, he has appeared in countless tv shows, such as “Bach ke Rehne” on Zee news, Guiding Star on Ary Digital Dubai, and most recently  ‘Kismat Ke Sitare‘ on Zee tv. Sundeep is the only astrologer ever to be listed in the “Limca book of Records’ for hosting the longest running astrology show ever on television.


For some time now forces that are set to dominate the second half of the year have been starting to make their presence felt, but the dominating forces of the first half of the year have been reluctant to let go, until now. While we won’t reach the midpoint of the year until the end of the month that change is already here, with dominating forces on the income front already letting go. Powerful financial forces that will take over from where things leave off on the income front won’t come into play until August, already the scene is set.


You are pulling toward yourself the resources that you need, like the squirrel storing the chestnuts. These resources can take many forms depending upon what you’re working toward. You realize that you won’t get from A to B simply by thinking about it. The planets are also gathered into the self-directed side of your solarscope. It is probably essential to think of yourself here. You are building something and need to concentrate on your own direction to make that manifest in your life. Material security lies at the core. You need to know what you can depend upon for a solid future, and whom you can depend upon to share it with.


Your birthday period is always important. The energy source of the solar system is reinvigorating your sign. This can act like a personal rebirth and it is now that new initiatives are fully encouraged and supported. Birthdays initially feeling this would be those on or around the 22nd of May. Here is necessary to move on quickly from the past and realize that the old ways will simply not work as they once did. Life tends to move faster as certain places and situations in your life are eclipsed allowing new growth to develop.


In order to accommodate change and growth in your life, you need to create space. Overcome the tendency to hoard, or cling to cobwebs of the past. You are at the end of the Sun’s revolution through the heavens. It involves the operation of finalizing some matters and simultaneously planting fresh seeds ready to break ground. Astrologically speaking, evolution is connected to revolution. What do you need to move around in your life to facilitate this process? You are entering a fresh cycle of self-expression and creativity, which is triggered strongly from the end of this month and throughout most of July.


Your ruler the Sun, and the eclipse cycle, is spotlighting the houses of collective association and hopes and wishes, along with the creative and spontaneous area of your solar scope. It marks a time of going after your dreams, or more pragmatically, turning dreams into realities. By putting out those desires, you are now attracting those of like mind. There is strength in numbers and power through connection for you now.  You have a greater rapport with others now, especially on issues that deeply concern you. Others seem less superficial and irresponsible to you, and you feel greater respect for them. Actually, others haven’t changed as much as it would appear; you are better able to communicate with others and see the more mature side of their personalities.


There may be some welcome news around the very start of the month. Around the 8th it maybe necessary to stick to your guns on something, but having the courage of your convictions will pay dividends by the 13th. Having the warrior planer firing up in Virgo suggests that you are no pushover now, and have plenty of fight for what you deem to be right. Toward the very end of associations can lead to radical shake-ups in the larger collective around you. It may also tag in with changing friendships and a new outlook for you. By that time Venus, the value planet, will begin to move forward all having the potential to set you on a clearer path.


It’s true that if you don’t know where you’re headed than any road will get you there. That’s something that you need to be wary of. The universe is currently putting a welcome mat out for something, but there are definite conditions attached. They require you to step into new, perhaps even alien, territories. You may need to study, travel, or take a real gamble. The astro-advice is simple. You won’t go anywhere by standing in the same place. Responsibilities, obligations or detours that have held you back over the past years are about to be removed. You have gained valuable experience or extra resolve from them, allowing you to better handle the future contingencies of life. If you look hard enough you will now see the light at the end of the tunnel.


This is not a month of juggling ideas, or doing things half-heartedly. It’s one of making firm commitments and decisions. You discover who you can really depend upon, and also who are your fair-weather friends. Strong relationships deepen considerably; weaker ones may flounder on the rock of reality. Take note of your gut instincts now, as your psychic sense is enhanced. Whether you’re business minded or not this month can be a time of great bargains. It seems what other people don’t want, may be just what you were looking for. Perusing sites like ebay may provide enormous savings. This month also suits moving goods around, trading and getting rid of what you don’t need for what you do.


Are all occurring in the area of your chart governing allies and enemies. It is happening in the communication and information sign, and showing the current importance of other people and relationship dynamics in your own life. Around the 2nd, 5th and 13th looks very positive with the 8th a little more testing. This may involve meeting new acquaintances. If that is the case be aware that anyone coming into your life at this point is probably going to play a significant role. The eclipse cycle is focusing on your relationships and the manner in which you relate. An existing partnership, or close friendship, may be in need of change at this point.


Your earning will be constant during this period but your expenses will rise. You will make unnecessary expenses with your friends and on luxurious items. Placement of the lord of money and wealth in the house of career indicates hard earned money through self-exertion. You can make some money through black marketing or illegal methods if you are a businessman. You will be skillful and will earn a lot of wealth through your skills during this period. Just apply your skills to increase your wealth. You will have good inheritance during this period as the lord of wealth has shifted back to ninth house. You will be an authority and will have an affluent status in society. Your foreign connections will give you immense wealth.


Our childlike innocence can cynically be replaced by distancing defense mechanisms. We can fail in our flexibility to act in the moment. But just when we feel we have lost the moments – they inevitably find us. And sometimes the even find us out. The eclipse cycle, the transit of the pleasure seeking Venus across the Sun, and the entry of Jupiter into your house of self-expression are all supporting the open, creative child like nature in you. Pursuing your pleasures, recreations and romances are all encouraged now. If you’re not indulging your senses somewhat, and giving vent to your natural likes and talents, you will certainly notice it. Feelings of dissatisfaction are only the result of stilted self-expression or denial. As a unique individual it is time to honor yourself.


Family members may be having a change of their own values, as the value planet Venus, moves backward throughout this month. If not already, this should be apparent by the very end of the month. In this case younger people, or children, may be involved. Stuck situations are also more likely to resolve over the last week, and perhaps surprisingly fast.  This month can be a productive month for real estate, and property investments. You can receive benefits bestowed through a family member, or extra support from them. Even allowing for possible initial challenges, more likely between the 4th and 8th, matters can be worked through to mutual advantage. The dates around the 12th and 30th can also bring children more into the picture. Relationships tend to work closer from home, or involve home entertaining.


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