How Netflix has provided a new horizon for writers

By Richa Sharma

The Age of Writers

The millennial’s and the kids of 90s are going gung-ho over Netflix. All the aspiring and established writers and creative’s from across different platforms are cultivating new age drama for all the varied audience. This new age audience is the one who are bored to death watching the same, repetitive daily soaps and scripted reality shows. This is a revolutionary period and an astronomical leap in the entertainment industry. The new age writers of the online streaming platform have made the humongous change in the way the audience wants to devour the online content uninterrupted. Netflix has ignited a new light of creativity and content. Netflix has given a free hand to its content developers to break the monotony of its audience. Netflix is dishing out content that the audiences can savor.

Success is not about Box office and Rating

The audiences, until Netflix came into being in India, were exasperated with the age-old rigmarole of Indian televisions fixation with infinite daily soaps. In the age of bottleneck competition and limitation of time, Netflix had come as a breath of fresh air, where the audience can watch finite shows on the go. The shows on Netflix keep the curiosity alive in the audience even after the season ends and eagerly await for the new season to commence. The characters are real and pragmatic that connects with the audience instantly.

Netflix doesn’t have shows filled with cliches. There is no pressure on box office success. The shows are free from all the emblazonment of the Hindi film industry such as song and dance routine or front seat whistle worthy dialogues. Netflix shows are providing shows that are relevant and are a slice of life.

Netflix’s committed Audience

Today Netflix boasts of committed, dedicated and loyal audience. Today the audience is not controlling their TV sets with a remote but are glued to its endearing shows. Netflix is giving the audience a la carte dining experience of a sumptuous restaurant straight into their living rooms. Netflix writers are oozing with intriguing ideas and drama plots that are unique and fresh. The motto of Netflix is to provide sustained entertainment and value for money.

The Netflix Age

This is a new era of Netflix in the age of nuclear family where personal space and time are an integral part. Netflix is a unique amalgamation of thought and creativity. Netflix doesn’t bound an audience and everyone is free to binge on the shows whenever they have ample time. Netflix is with the audience 24 x 7 and it gives the liberty to watch their shows on the go.

Richa Sharma, is Indian Herald’s Features writer based in India.


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